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Our Mission Partners


Stable NQ

Each year we invite you to experience the Christmas Story with us, as we bring a gift of hope, life and meaning to the people of Townsville.

Scripture Union

Scripture Union is a Christian organisation seeking to bring God’s love, hope and good news to children, young people and their families. We work with local schools, local churches of all denominations, and community groups, towards a common vision: To see each child and young person connected and supported in community, serving others, and experiencing fullness of life.


Bloom Asia

Bloom Asia is a not-for-profit organisation that exists to give survivors of exploitation the chance to find healing, hope and purpose.

Women are often the most vulnerable and discriminated against in poverty-stricken communities, and many are sadly the recipients of exploitation and abuse. Bloom Asia addresses this through a program of education, counselling, vocational training, and employment. At Bloom Asia, survivors have the chance to heal from their past and are given the skills and support that they need to build a bright future for themselves and their families.